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SKILLS: Communicative, client-focused consultant who sells, manages and collaborates:
    Financing (debit and equity) - very savvy, especially in commercial real estate, its technology, business, buying and selling; consult on the required Steps, analyze/create financial Projections, prepare Overview, Business Plan and operational documents, find/vet additional team Members, train officers and staff for offering and Presentations, ANALYZE and EVALUATE myriad Finance Options, vet and introduce lenders/funders, finalize documents with legal and financial professionals, advise on additional funding, Complimentary 2-Page Overview Review; since 1992

    Business Analysis - honed to a major skill; myriad companies, dozens of products and services; utilizing the software, research, database and other services at Technology summarized below, analyze the financial, marketing, operational and other success aspects of Commercial Real Estate, High-Tech, Mining and O&G businesses; since 1969

    Marketing and Sales - honed to a major skill; dozens of companies, 100's of products and services; example of state-of-the-art Internet Marketing system and presentation, Golden InfoNuggets, and Property/Business Collaboration and Sales system with procedures and database creation; successfully self-employed since 1978

    Blogs, Online Newsletters - growing; three at present; business and health; international; see Business Blog; since 2000

    Networking - master; aggressively since 1976

    Calling - natural and enthusiastic; cold calling and follow-up; excellent notes in databases; since 1977

    eMail Systems - mastered dozens, including Word MailMerge; since 1997

    Spreadsheets - wide-ranged; VisiCalc through Excel and Google Docs (including external input forms); auto-generate other database entries, sales materials and multiple intake forms with Excel; since 1980

    Technology - superior; support for all the computer tools very important in 21st-Century, 3rd-Decade business transactions, and extremely important in preparing, presenting, processing and profiting from us$10mm+ projects; since 1978:
    Blogs; Cloud tech; Communication Interfacing; Computer Optimization; Databases - Access, CRMs, Spreadsheets, Others; Documentation; Editing; eJournals; eLetters; eMail; Golden InfoNuggets; Graphics (from photos, scanner or scratch; Groups; Internet Browsers; Internet Communications (Instant Messaging, Voice or Video); Internet Marketing; Internet/Cloud Storage; PDFs; Presentations; Publications; Research; SEO; Social Media; Spreadsheets; WebPages / WebSites; Writing; using:
            Adobe Acrobat Reader; Android; Apache OpenOffice; Corel Draw; AutoCAD; Bing; Blogger; Comcast; Constant Contact; CRMs - LinkedIn, PipeDrive, Zoho; Databases; DropBox; English (American and British); Facebook / Fan Pages; DealStream, Reonomy, Privy, MLS; eLance, AskVisory; Flickr; GoDaddy / Cloud Storage, Hosting, Website Tonight; GOgitMMM™; Google / Chrome, Docs. Drive, Talk, Group; Hootsuite; HTML, CSS, Java, JavaSvript; Indeed, Experter, TechFetch, ZipRecruiter; LinkedIn / Company Pages; Meetup, such as founding Startups 2.0;™ Messenger; Mozilla Foxfire; MS Office - Access / Excel / Internet Explorer / MailMerge / Outlook / Express / PowerPoint / Word; PDF; PDFSAM; Public Records; Skype; Sub-Domains; Twitter; T-Mobile, Verizon; Win2PDF; WordPress; Yahoo

    Graphics Systems - know many; PC-based graphics creation and conversion programs; design packages such as AutoCAD and Intergraph; wrote major mapping and dozens of graphing programs; since 1967

    Research - excel in libraries, publications and now online; organize well into reports and tables planned for multiple access and uses; since 1965

    Writing and Publications - excellent; 100's using several word and report processors including: Corel WordPerfect, MS Word and macro development, and Blogger; print, online, PDF; libraries, online; six books, 50+ websites, 1,500+ webpages, dozens of client reports and manuals, three international and several in-house newsletters - see more details and examples of writing and publications; since 1967

    Editing - superior technical document editing, especially after translation from Latin languages, to virtually eliminate mis-interpretation, unhappy clients and lawsuits - see more details on Latin-American translations; since 1967

    Project Management - remarkable; at least 100 high- and medium-tech projects; military, industrial, construction, real estate, government; classified and public; 1-10 people; on time, within budget, excellent documentation; since 1965

    Leadership - natural; boards and military officers through vice president, in addition to founder of three companies and one association, all national or international; example- built this team in 30 days as well as 90 very active associates and $Bs in funding sources around the world; since 1971

    Databases - created or used 100's; CardScan, Excel, others on large systems; excellent sortable and searchable notes, interaction screens and reports; since 1973

    Software Development - strong; 100's of programs; demographic analysis, user interviews, specifications, design, programming and testing; since 1967, using:

        FORTRAN, C+, BASIC, ALGOL, HTML, website builders, and problem-oriented & machine languages;

    Computer Systems - very knowledgeable; PC, mini, mainframe, timeshare; programming, aggressive use, networking; IBM, Control Data, Data General, NCR, and Digital Equipment (VAX and workstation) computers with punch card, direct and terminal accesss; since 1967

    Web Development - strong; at least 1500 pages - 50+ sites, 2 @ 500+ webpages each; HTML, template and website-builder systems; see more details on Web Development; since 1999

    Cell Phone Communications and Web Interfacing - know 4 vendors, 8 phones, web language, search engines, text/email systems, web address/phone/map/rating systems; see more details on Communications Consulting; since 2000

    Fundraising - exceptional system and successes; low cost, strong ROI; political and business; see more details on fundraising; since 1993

    Speaking - superior; at least 50 seminars, dozens of talks on TV, radio and small to large audiences; well prepared though can speak extemporaneously, no fear; since 1967 includes 40+ years' progressive experience:
    Businesses - several

    Major Accomplishments - dozens

    Publications - several periodicals, 100+ papers and articles, websites

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