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Kenton Johnson

Western USA | (302)KentonJ | KJ@KentonJohnson.com

Kenton is successful in analysis, project development, management, finance, marketing and sales for: business, government and non-profits, in both technical and non-technical markets, including real estate. From 1978 to present, performed or supervised all aspects of his businesses: marketing, sales, management, finance, infrastructure, projections, budgeting, cash flow, statistics, documentation, accounting and reporting.


Certificate, Marketing, University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado, 1995

BS, General Engineering, San Jose State University, California, 1970

History, Project Management

Prosper Systems, LLC Owner Jan 2005 - Present

Business startup/expansion planning/financing, business and real estate sales, and internet marketing. Evaluate/write/edit business plans/presentations.  Brief.ProsperSystems.biz

CompWellness Network Owner Sep 1996 - Jan 2012

Organized, documented, marketed and sold healthcare practitioners, practitioner groups, related businesses and full-spectrum health information. CompWellness.biz

High-Tech Marketing Owner Sep 1987 - Aug 1996

Created and executed marketing plans, promotions and sales for high-tech companies of many sizes. Increased sales by as much as 400%. Brochure/Referrals

Engineering Computer Applications, Inc Owner Aug 1978 - Dec 1990

Designed and implemented hardware and software applications. Taught 50 Seminars, US and abroad. DBA: Colorado Computer Consulting (CCC). ECAN

Denver Water Department Internal Consultant Jan 1976 - Aug 1978

Trained, organized and consulted on utilizing new mainframe computer. DWD

Aerospace Engineer Aug 1971 - Sep 1975

Contractor: Designed and implemented hardware and software systems in NORAD Cheyenne Mountain. 1st Lt: Led programming team on SR-71 ELINT system. Clearance: Top Secret, Special Intelligence. Honorable Discharge. SDC, USAF

California State University, San Jose and Bay Area Sep 1965 - Aug 1971

Part-Time Jobs: MS Thesis; Engineer-in-Training, San Jose Traffic Control, analyzed and programmed all applications for state-of-the-art automated traffic system; Programmer/ Analyst, USFS traffic project (highest-paid student); Manager, 12- and 24-unit Apartments; Water Quality Inspector; Mystery Shopper; Math Prof Assistant.

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