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Kenton is a successful 40-year veteran of writing, marketing and sales for: business, government and non-profits, in both technical and non-technical markets.


Conventional Resume (with categorized Publications list):  Writing Resume




Certificate, Marketing, University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado, 1995

MS, Inter-Disciplinary Systems, California State University, San Jose, 1972


Writings (partial list, with several links to the writings), specifically, on Personal Website:



Business Documents - Formats, Overviews, Sales Sheets, Business Plans, Marketing/Sales Plans/Systems

Books / Booklets

Articles / Presentations / Media Placements

Studies / Plans - Computerization

Newsletters - Business and Computerization

Documents - Business and Computerization

LinkedIn Articles


Other Writing

Blog - Business Success and Wealth

Books for StartUps (compilation work in progress)

CompWellness Full-Spectrum Healthcare

CompWellness eLetter, 1999-2012

CompWellness eJournal, 1999-2004

CompWellness Journal, 2001-2003

CompWellness Blog, 2009-2012

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SkillsMarketing and Sales; Leadership; Project Management; Research; Project Support Services; Writing and Publications; Editing; Fundraising; Spreadsheets; Databases; Graphics Systems; Speaking; Web Development; Blogs, Online Newsletters; Networking; Calling; Computer Systems; eMail Systems; Cell Phone and Web Interfacing

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