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Kenton H Johnson, MS
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Kenton is a 40-year independent businessman, and successful 50-year veteran of small to large project development, marketing and sales for:  business, government and military in both technical and non-technical markets.  Applying his skills, he has developed or launched several profitable businesses and projects He has been instrumental in developing ground-breaking, international projects and presence, being trained, updated, then mentoring dozens of startups in multi-national and local business clubs, as well as through 100s of stellar connections and information sources worldwide. He's a member of several professional groups; speaks, reads and writes some Spanish and French; taught highly-technical courses across the US and in Europe; written and published five books, four journals, five websites, dozens of marketing webpages and 100s of technical columns and articles; has had P&L responsibility to $220mm.
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Property Ownership Transition: Collaborate with Owners of large properties/projects and us$100mm++ Cash Purchasers around the world:
  • Turnkey Income Properties - Apartment Complexes, Malls, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks
  • High-Tech - hardware, software, services and mobile Apps
  • Energy Fields - Oil, Gas, Shale, Wind, Solar, Geothermal
  • Mines - Gold, Silver, PGM, Other Metals, Coal, Uranium, Gravel, Other Minerals
  • Land - with Water / Grazing / Mineral / Air Rights; with or without Buildings

Business Success: Guiding companies to be worth us$100mm+, as Chief Capital Officer (CCO):
  • Preparation (Conceptualization) - analysis, documentation;
  • Process (Capitalization) - funder connections ($20K-$2bn), presentations, negotiations, staging;
  • Profit (Completion) - marketing, sales, operations, technology, personnel, project management, add'l financing and opportunities, best utilizing the many Profit Tools.

Other Business Services:
  • Passive Income Streams: Real Estate Investing is one of many passive investment possibilities ranging from $1,000 on up with 30% Annual ROI and more.  Initial consultation currently offered at no charge - MMFFA
  • Real Estate Investment:  Passive and Active - managing the tools and professionals to acquire large commercial property such as apartment complexes - RE Investment
  • Passive Internet Marketing:  advise on THE formula that makes Internet marketers wealthy: GOgitMMM™ - (make a) Great Offer - Get (prospect) Information Today (builds a database) - Market, Market, Market (gently) - GOgitMMM
  • Guidance on the Education from Bill Bartmann, Brian Tracy and other greats
  • Write the Prosper Systems Blog
WebSite Yesterday , providing a streamlined service to build the future of web marketing: user-maintainable, single-purpose sales letters for the initial sale, give-away, appointment or product/service introduction, that captures visitors' attention and involvement immediately, followed by gentle, opt-in marketing and exposure to more robust sites and affiliate programs.

Top Vitas , Online Vita, CV, Resume, Work History, Skills, Bio, Proposal or PPT Presentation Slides.

FX Better , updating a wide array of currency option trading information for students and veterans.

Comp Wellness , directed its wide recognition throughout the US and beyond, compiled, edited and wrote articles for the site's online Wellness eJournal - Consultant / Former Owner.


B.S. General Engineering, California State University, San Jose

M.S. Inter-Disciplinary Systems, California State University, San Jose

Credential, Community College Instructor, Computer and Related Technologies, California

License, Professional Engineer, State of Colorado (expired)

Post Graduate, 6 units, French, Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Post Graduate, 60 units, Technology and Management, University of Southern California, Los Angeles; University of Colorado, Colorado Springs/Boulder/Denver


Accomplishments (partial list)
Continuously studying business startups, financing and marketing. Mentoring multi-national and local businesses. Founded Meetup - Startups 2.0™.
Building us$100mm+ Startups, preparing them for sale, and actively expanding Companies, Collaborators and Capital sources.
Documented, publicized and co-developed state-of-the-art mixed-qualitative / quantitative decisions-making system for transportation, other planning and business.
Dozens of confirmed predictions and action on them:
• Business
• Marketing
• Sales
• Computers
• Web Tech
• Other Tech
• Mining
• Real Estate
• Social Movement
• Video Tech
• Wind Tech
• Drones
Engineering Computer Applications Newsletter (ECAN) - marketed, sold, wrote and published highly-respected international A-E-C newsletter on PCs, starting 2 years before IBM's PC, as well as 5 books, 3 journals, 5 current websites, 2 current blogs, and 100s of technical columns/articles.  See Publications below. Marketed, sold and presented 50+ well-received state-of-the-art business, computer and interactive graphics seminars in the USA/Europe.

Request latest Course Proposal.

Pioneered GOgitMMM™ marketing and web sites with superior online presence. Provided technical marketing to computer, building and health industries . Developed 1000s of real connections and information sources worldwide.
Launched a ground-breaking technical software product into several national and international technical markets, including major marketing and sales campaigns, full trade show booth/ participation, publicity campaigns, advertising, direct mail, promotionals, databases and all literature. Marketed legislative voting system into city and county governments, in the US and internationally, including major marketing and sales campaigns, display booth/participation, publicity campaigns, advertising, promotionals, databases and new literature. Member and contributor, several professional groups and organizations.
Marketed and managed technical drawing conversion for major graphics systems, outselling the other four salesmen combined.

Train, consult and support 100s of entrepreneurs and real estate investors

Professional Engineer (PE) License, State of Colorado (expired), preceded by Engineer in Training (EIT), California. Completed a pioneering Inter-Disciplinary MS in Cybernetic Systems - California State University, San Jose.
Developed new comprehensive PC guidelines within very wide-ranged user and management understanding and opinions. Speak, read, write some Spanish/French and edit romance-language to English translations - marketing and technical. Led software updgrades and implementation, multi-$B SR-71 ELINT system for live Asian missions.
Senior Analyst/Engineer, multi-$B NORAD Cheyenne Mountain upgrade, (within 18 months of university graduation). Managed profitable real estate projects: apartment houses, rehabs, as well as others' and personal rentals. Co-developed and fully-documented analysis applications for world’s premiere computer traffic control system.
Developed full redistricting mapping system to street level from scratch for 11 state governments. Launched several Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) mini and PC systems, 1979-1987. Advanced computerized design, development and cost accounting - major state road construction tech and 100s of Engineering, Architecture and Construction firms across the USA.
Designed, promoted and enrolled 591 (mostly) non-marketing-oriented practitioners into Metro Denver then national professional health association, and Guides, Journals and Website (with larger eGuide and continuing eLetter / eJournal) - single-handedly 300 in 2 years then 211 more in next 4, plus 80 through a Louisiana practitioner. Developed several complex feasibility studies and implementation plans.

First consultant then led team implementing new mainframe computer use for water Engineering/Planning.

Promoted, and often managed, top-management decision-making groups and project task forces.
Improved customer relations of professional teams, streamlining project and decision-making activities.

Wrote reorganization plans to consolidate diverse computer activities into smooth-functioning groups.

Upgraded documentation, work scheduling, reporting and general communications standards in several technical organizations.
Successfully marketed, sold, and supported, via phone, mail and directly: software, computer and other products, as well as environmental and automated services. Created and executed marketing plans, promotions and sales for high-tech companies of many sizes.  Increased sales by as much as 400%. Promoted, sold, and managed consulting and programming contracts for interactive graphics, technical analysis, and office applications.
Publications (partial list)
Online Business Articles - Golden-Nugget InfoShares, Startups, Wealth, Leadership, GOgitMMM™ Power Internet Marketing, Books/ Startups, Internet Marketing & Glossaries - author, edit, maintain, market, 10pp, 2014- Top Vitas Online CV, Resume, Bio Site - - author, edit, maintain, market, 20pp, 2010- Prosper Systems Blog  - Business Success and Wealth - author, edit, maintain, market, 40pp, 2009-
Website Building using GoDaddy. com's Website Tonight - Website Yesterday - author, co-author, edit, maintain, market, 7pp, 2008- Business Information Articles - ProsperSystems. biz - author, edit, maintain, 200pp, 2005- Millionaire Mind Financial Freedom Account Consultation - MMFFA - authored, maintain, market, Chief Consultant, 2pp, 2004-
Business Documents
Several Business Documents:  Formats (Overviews and Business Plans), Overviews, Sales Sheets, Business Plans, Marketing/Sales Plans/Systems - authored, revised, edited, promoted, 2-50pp ea, ~50, 1994-
The Magic of Bio-Algae Concentrates: The Michael Kiriac Story - collaborated, edited, published, 48pp, 2003.  Free download. CompWellness Network - CompWellness. org - author, co-author, edit, maintain, market, until sold to another publisher, 700pp, 2003-2012 Complementary Wellness Journal, Denver Metro - authored, co-authored, edited, published, distributed, 6-16pp each, bi-monthly, 2001-2003.  Sample 16pp PDF.
CompWellness Blog - Full-Spectrum Healthcare - co-authored, edited, maintained, marketed, 20pp, 2009-2012 WebPages / Online Brochures - CompWellness. org sub-sites - some doubled as 2-column/ 2-sided stand-up brochure - authored, co-authored, edited, maintained, marketed, 1-5pp ea, 3 dozen, 2000-2012 21st Century Wellness eLetter as part of CompWellness - authored, co-authored, edited, maintained, marketed, 2-4pp ea, 37 issues, 1999-2012
Wellness eJournal as part of CompWellness - authored, co-authored, edited, maintained, marketed, 2-4pp each, 65 articles to date, 1999-2012 Complementary Healing eGuide - 100 modalities, in CompWellness - authored, co-authored, edited, maintained, marketed, 200pp, 1999-2012 - Full-Spectrum Healthcare information  - authored, co-authored, edited, maintained, marketed, sold to another publisher, 500pp, 1999-2003
Complementary Healing Guide, New Orleans Metro/Northshore - 48-modality text supported by local practitioners - co-authored, edited, helped publish and market, 112pp, 2000.  Text combined into the eGuide at Complementary Healing Guide